Waterproof Flooring in Modesto, CA

Advanced Waterproof Protections

Protecting against water damage is a major concern for many customers who are looking to upgrade their home’s flooring. Whether you live on a coastal escape or fear plumbing issues, floods and spills, protecting your floors from warping, saturation, and mold is our top priority. The likelihood of your property being impacted by unexpected water damage is high enough to warrant floor protection that you can count on.

The Floor Trader of Modesto is proud to carry a large selection of waterproof flooring in Modesto, CA, including premium vinyl, laminate, and even carpet. Our vast inventory is manufactured with technologically advanced layers to handle mishaps involving water and other typical spills in spaces that are prone to moisture. Upgrade your kitchen or bathroom with the comfort of knowing that your floors are safe from warping and absorption. We offer waterproof flooring from the following exclusive brands including Safeguard and DynaGuard H20.

Waterproof Luxury Vinyl, Laminate, and Carpet Selections

Manufacturers can now offer solutions that are specially designed for busy lifestyles and moisture-prone areas thanks to recent advancements in floor production procedures. Homeowners desire appealing floors for their living spaces, but also want the assurance that their floors will be able to withstand water from accidents. With our waterproof flooring selections, you’ll never have to sacrifice style for durability when it comes to choosing a new floor for your home.

Choose between carpet, laminate, and luxury vinyl as a recommended waterproof flooring choice. Our flooring types contain a variety of colors, fabrics, materials, and designs, meaning that you’ll never settle for a dull appearance for strength and stability. For harder surfaces like laminate and luxury vinyl, you can replicate the look of hardwood or stone at an affordable price.

Protect Your Floor with Our Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

Our waterproof vinyl flooring comes in sheets, planks, or tiles, giving the consumer a large choice between the various colors and appearances. Many of our customers have expressed a want for hardwood flooring but fear the warping that occurs when water penetrates solid wood. Our luxury vinyl planks are a perfect compromise offering a sturdy interior and a wear layer that has been sealed to prevent water from ruining its look. With a luxury vinyl plank, you can have the rich appearance of mahogany or birch with the confidence that warping will never occur.

A purchase from our collection of luxury vinyl tile will also give the same durability as natural stone, ceramic, or porcelain, with a softer feeling underfoot. Advanced imaging technology is used on both LVP and LVT to showcase a realistic look to your room of choice. Enhanced urethane within LVP and LVT serves as one of the components which make it waterproof in nature.

Prevent Moisture Damage with a New Waterproof Carpet

It is critical to protect your carpet from pet accidents, moisture, and spills in order to extend its life. Your floors will not only be stain-resistant but will also be protected from any potential water damage down to the subfloor with a waterproof carpet. Our store provides carpeting with unique water-blocking qualities in the fiber composition. Rather than seeping into the carpet, any liquid spill can be easily cleaned with a towel. This also means protection against mold and other harmful microbes which can affect your health and air quality.

Avoid Water Damage with Laminate Flooring

Like our vinyl selections, laminate flooring offers another waterproof solution for your home or business. Containing softwood fibers and a strong wear layer, laminate flooring is capable of withstanding spills and other forms of liquid mess without suffering major forms of damage. Laminate that has been manufactured using the high-pressure method will offer the strongest forms of durability while looking great in any space.

Maintaining Your Waterproof Flooring

Like all flooring types, the proper care and maintenance of your waterproof flooring selection will determine the full lifespan of its use. Cleaning and caring for your new floor will look different depending on which flooring selection you opted for. Carpeting is best cleaned with bi-weekly vacuuming, and an annual professional cleaning to remove built-up stains. For harder surfaces like vinyl and laminate, regular sweeping and mopping is the best method for their upkeep. On any of the three flooring types, we always recommend consulting the warranty on your purchase before using cleaners with harsh chemicals.

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