Laminate Flooring for Your Lifestyle

Are you looking for an extremely durable floor to match your busy lifestyle? Look no further than our extensive selection of laminate flooring at The Floor Trader in Modesto, California. With our numerous collections of outstanding laminate flooring options, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your home design, tailored to match your active household. 

Serving the Modesto and greater Stanislaus County area, The Floor Trader in Modesto has an expansive showroom with numerous laminate options that mimic reclaimed chic hardwood to beveled pier planks. Our flooring experts at The Floor Trader are eager to help you find your dream floors and know the right style and design to match your lifestyle. 

Our local flooring outlet offers financing options that allow you to spread your payments out over time. That way, your flooring investment will be more economically manageable, so you can focus your attention on the style you love instead of being limited to a specific price range.

Laminate floor by Floor Trader in living room setting

Laminate Flooring Types

These days laminate flooring comes in a wide array of designs and patterns that realistically mimic the look of their natural wood and stone counterparts. Whether you're looking for a wood plank-look floor in your living room or a laminate tile for your bathroom, we have what you need and carry the most durable laminate products in the industry. 

As part of The Floor Trader, our store has access to laminate flooring from the industry's leading manufacturers at budget-friendly prices. With our waterproof laminate brands Mohawk and Shaw, you're bound to discover the perfect laminate floors that suit your tastes. 

Understanding Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is made using either the direct or high-pressure method to provide charm and resilience for your home. Individual layers are fused for improved density using the high-pressure method. This strategy is popular for commercial sites that expect high volumes of foot traffic. The direct-pressure method, on the other hand, produces conventional laminate selections for houses and general living areas.

The four layers inside the finished product are what distinguish laminate from other flooring solutions. Starting with the base and core layers, these provide density for withstanding foot traffic and placement over the subfloor. Next, the decorative layer allows any replica image to be applied with advanced technology. Finally, the wear layer seals the image and overall flooring from stains and damage. You can sort between textures such as enhanced wood grain, embossed register, or browse through our custom styles.

Why Choose Laminate

The list of benefits in choosing laminate flooring for your home is endless, but some of the top contenders include features like water resistance and stain-proof and pet-proof flooring. Since laminate flooring is protected by a thick external layer of resin coating, it's stronger and more impact-resistant than any hardwood, vinyl, or carpet flooring. This means you can install laminate in any room of the home, including your basements and bathrooms, without having to worry about water damage or kid's accidents. 

Not to mention, laminate floors require low-maintenance cleaning to keep them looking shiny and new for years down the line. Only needing to be frequently swept, dust-mopped, and vacuumed, laminate floors are a cinch to maintain. Laminate floors can be prone to scratches, so you'll want to consult your laminate's warranty for the best cleaning practices before using any harsh chemical cleaners.

Selecting the Right Laminate for You

Our laminate floors include options that match the appearance of wood, ceramic, and stone in a wide range of colors and designs, so you'll have an extensive array of products from which to choose when you visit our showroom. By combining resilience and versatility with an appealing aesthetic, our laminate floors make an ideal selection for any room in your home. When you're ready for a purchase, you can choose to perform a DIY install with the help of our at-home guides or connect with a professional from our list of local Preferred Installers. When you invest in the Floor Trader, 

We carry top-of-the-line exclusive laminate brands from suppliers such as Mohawk and Shaw Floors.

Contact us today to start your next home renovation project and to find the perfect laminate floors for your style. We serve clients in Modesto, California, and the surrounding areas.